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This is what we value. GODO KIKO-ism

Creation of a development environment Quality testing Development of human resources Partnership

We have an inseparable bond with cutting machines (slitters).

Machines are indispensable in modern society and are further evolving toward the future. We are also headed toward the future and one of our important missions is to reflect our thoughts in the machines with which we have an inseparable bond.
The mission of GODO KIKO is to breathe life into machines and to facilitate their evolution as a medium between people and machines, while developing a progressive way of thinking and futuristic sophistication.


Built-to-order for your purpose of use

Multi-purpose film slitter

We proudly offer this machine full of cutting-edge technologies.

Multi-purpose film slitter “MODEL 536A”

Small-sized rewinding machine

The concept of product development was the “standard of the future”.

Small-sized rewinding machine “MODEL 134F”

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